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DIC Corporation
DIC Graphics Corporation

This application is the color library of DIC COLOR GUIDE, which is a color sample book produced by DIC Corporation.
You can see over 2,500 colors and characteristic values (RGB, Munsell, HTML, CMYK, etc.).
Besides, you can select any color you like and make your original color stock.

[And More]
  • Searching for approximate DIC colors (DIC-color No.) in your photo.
  • The each colors in “Traditional colours ( Nippon, France, China)” have the name and the story.
  • Sending the color swatch data you selected by e-mail, and use it in documents of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
  • Selected colors’ appearance (image) of various papers, Aluminium CAN, film.

All rights reserved. No part of this application and data may be reproduced without the prior permission of DIC Corporation.
Copyright(c) 2010 DIC Corporation

[Escape claus]
We make doubly sure that all information and values are correct, but give you no guarantee of those. Please note that all information and values are for reference only. We will never make restitution, if using this application may cause any damage or trouble.

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[About : DIC COLOR GUIDE series]

The DIC COLOR GUIDE series are used in the printing and design industries and also in a wide range of product creation fields as a color communications tool.

※including missing numbers
Vol.1: DIC-1 ~ 257
Vivid and bright colors

Vol.2: DIC-258 ~ 501
Quiet and dark colors

Vol.3: DIC-502 ~ 654
Grayish colors / F Gloss standard colors / fluorescent colors / metallic colors / achromatic colors
※including missing numbers

Vol.4: DIC-2001 ~ 2240
light and pale colors

Vol.5: DIC-2241 ~ 2481
dull and dark colors

Vol.6: DIC-2482 ~ 2638
vivid and strong colors

Traditional colours
※including missing numbers

Nippon: DIC-N701 ~ N1000
France: DIC-F1 ~ F322
China: DIC-C1 ~ C320

Special menu (for iOS)
Graytone Color Guide: grayish colors (the revival edition)
KMMA (Kawamura Memorial Museum of Art): collected artwork, comment and colors